Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby blessing weekend

Last weekend was really nice. My mom flew down from Oregon and stayed with us for 5 days so she could be here for Masen's blessing. It was nice having her was the first time she's been to our house in Casa Grande, so we enjoyed showing her the desert scenery and giving her a feel for what life is like in AZ. We think she had a good time. :) Tawna (Bryce's sister) and her family came too, along with Mom and Dad McBride (of course). Thanks for making the long drive Tawna...especially being 7 weeks from having your own baby! The blessing itself was really nice....I'm grateful for Bryce and that he honors his priesthood. It was nice to share the weekend with our family and friends.
This is our first family picture. We'll have to have Jen do a real one for us soon (or maybe in a few months after I shed these unsightly pregnancy lbs!).
The cousins playing in the backyard. Thank HEAVEN for backyards!!!
Mom McBride made Masen's baby blessing outfit (as she did for all the other kids too). It turned out SO cute! Thanks Mom and Dad, for all your help while you were here!

I really like this picture of Mom Bates with Masen. Sometimes it makes me sad that she doesn't get to see our kids more often. It can be hard living so far from home. If I didn't love this AZ sunshine so much....

We of course had to show grandma the Casa Grande Ruins. It was a fun outing.

And here's the star of the weekend. :) Masen has just been a joy in our family. He's is such a content, happy baby. He sleeps so well, and eats well too. He's already 13 lbs! He's such a sweet little boy, full of smiles and gives us a coo once in a while too. We love him SO much and are so grateful he was sent to our family.