Saturday, October 31, 2009


For FHE on Monday we decided to carve a pumpkin.  We let the kids draw whatever face they wanted, and not try to make it "better" for them.  We just carved them how they drew them.  We used one pumpkin to save on clean-up, and carved 3 sides of it...worked out pretty well.

This was Logan's side of the pumpkin.

This was Landon's side.

Marlee's side was just a bunch of scribbles, a little too hard to carve, so I thought she'd like a simple star. :)

They were all very proud of their pumpkin!

And here are pics of the kids right before we left for Trunk-or-Treat tonight.  I made the kids' robes and scarves when we were in Prescott for fall break.  It's always nice to have Mom McB close by for tips on sewing!  Overall, I think they turned out well, and people were able to figure out who they were at the ward party, so that's always a good thing. :)

Marlee as Hermione Granger

Landon as Ron Weasley

Logan as Harry Potter

The three best friends ready to cast their spells!  Landon had fun telling people at Trunk or Treat to "give me your candy or I'll cast a spell on you!"  He thought he was hilarious. :)

Someone asked if I had a hard time getting them all to want to be Harry Potter characters.  Logan and Landon were happy about it, but Marlee wanted to be Snow White.  Unfortunately, her Snow White costume is 2 sizes too small, and is undone at some seams, so we told her she had to be Hermione this year.  She didn't throw a fit or cry or anything...and once she saw the boys in their costumes, she was excited to get into hers.  So they all had a good time.  I almost forgot about Masen!  We put him in some Phoenix Suns warm up pants and jacket and drew a goatee/mustache on his face....he was a Suns player.  But darn it, we didn't take a picture!  Duh, I can't believe we forgot.  Oh well.  Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kid pics

So these were done way back in August....I know, I'm a procrastinator. I decided to use these as their annual pictures instead of the pictures they take at school. I like the scenery better I think. Jen took these for me with her fabulous camera. Thanks Jen!

As you can see, Masen was having a GREAT time!

Here is Logan, 7 years old.

Landon, 5 years old.

Marlee, 3 years old.

Masen, 6 months old (well, he's 8 mo old now, but only 6 here)

I LOVE my babies!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleeping and growing

I just love it when I go in to wake Masen up from his nap to feed him and he doesn't hear me come in. And sweet little Marlee got so tuckered out she fell asleep on the couch. Love catching them sleep!

Poor little baby has been so fussy lately because his other bottom tooth is trying to break through. Sometimes the only thing that will make him happy is putting him in the baby swing outside. In the past few weeks he's gotten his first tooth and learned to crawl. He's growing up too fast! I'm seriously trying to cherish his infancy while I have it. I'll be so sad when I don't have a baby anymore. Can we just pause life for a while??