Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Around the house....

Marlee had some pretty wild hair after her nap a couple Sundays ago. We were actually able to squeeze the top portion into a pony tail. :) Think Superman and Star Wars are just for boys?? Think again. We listen to the soundtracks of those movies when driving around town and Marlee screams "Ma-Man" when the music comes on. She gets so excited. She loves to watch the Superman movie, and even likes the boys' shirt when we can manage to get it off of Landon. :)
For an FHE we talked about the Urim and Thummim and then created our own version of it with treats--graham crackers layered with peanut butter, choc.chips, and melted marshmallows on top. We got the idea from an FHE book my sister Nancy gave us...thanks Nancy!
As you can see, it was a messy treat! :)

Easter Egg Hunt

For our family, the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday because "the Easter Bunny likes to keep the Sabbath day holy too!" :) The kids don't even question that, it works so great. So Saturday morning, I decorated the eggs with the kids while the "easter bunny" hid candy filled plastic eggs in the backyard. They were so surprised when we got done coloring eggs and found that the easter bunny had been in the backyard all that time. They had a good time egg hunting. Ahh, the good ol days of being young and having pure excited fun!

Personality Pizza

So Logan had his first school project from his CE (curriculum enrichment) class. He had to create a personality pizza, using all sorts of different kinds of materials. Then he had to write a poem, describing how the different parts of the pizza are similar to his personality. Thanks to Nanny, we had some cool supplies to use to make it. I helped him of course, but he did a lot of the work. This is a project for older kids, since generally kids don't start in the CE program until 2nd grade, so he needed more help than older kids would need, but he did a good job. Here's how it turned out.

Here's his poem:

A Slice of My Life
I am a half ‘n half pizza, normal on one side, but I have a really silly side too!
I am the crust because my skin turns brown in the summertime when it’s hot out in the sun.
I am the sauce, feisty and spicy.
I am the cheese, at times I “melt”-down when my temper gets hot.
I am the peppers, adding zip to the people around me.
I am the olives and mushrooms, I might seem a little different at first, but people like me when they give me a chance.
I am the pepperoni, making life fun.
On my silly side, I am the pine nuts, acting “nutty” for a good part of each day.
I am the firecrackers, bursting with energy.
I am the silly eyes, making funny faces to make people laugh.
I am the glitter and shiny cheese, sparkling and wanting to be seen.
I am the pizza, I AM ME!

(thanks for the supplies Nanny!!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

2 "proud parent" moments in 1 week!!

So our kindergartener Logan comes home from school each day with either a star for good behavior, or a checkmark (or two, or three) for not so good behavior. The other day he came home with a checkmark, and as we looked through his notebook, we found the reason why. The picture below explains it all. His teacher wrote the message in green:

We of course tried not laugh as we explained that "fart" is not an appropriate word to use, especially for school assignments. (Rolling my eyes). And as if this wasn't enough to make us proud, we got a phone call from the principal today, who said that Logan had something he needed to tell me. She handed him the phone and all I heard was sniffles. So the principal took the phone back and said he was too sad to tell me. She explained that Logan received a referral to her office, and the referral said that "Logan pulled down his pants and showed his butt to his classmates." As you can imagine, I was mortified!! I heard her stifle a giggle and the principal said "I'm trying not to laugh, but it's good that he's crying because he knows he made a mistake, and we're going to have him apologize to his teacher and classmates when he goes back to class." Of course I thanked her for calling and said we'd talk to him about it when he gets home from school. It was so embarrassing to get that phone call! Logan was so afraid to tell us about it when he got home, especially because we have talked to him about keeping his private parts private, particularly in public! But we made him explain what happened (and trust me, making him tell us about it was punishment enough!). After he told us, we asked him why he did it. He didn't have a reason, he just did it. If I had to guess though, I think he was trying to be funny to his classmates, the gomer! We pried for more info, and he said they were lined up in the hallway when he did it, and his teacher didn't see, but his classmates told on him (good for them!). I'm glad his teacher didn't see it, she doesn't need that image of him as a memory of Logan McBride throughout her teaching years. I'll say this much, if Logan is like this as a kindergartener, I can't wait to see what he'll be like as a teenager! (Again, rolling my eyes). Now you can see why I'm such a proud parent today....(sigh).