Saturday, July 4, 2009

Around the house

We thought this was a pretty good bitter-beer face (does anyone remember those commercials?). Masen just woke up from a drive around town. :)
This is my sweet little Tub-tub. All of our kids have been given silly nicknames that just evolve over time. Tub-tub has stuck for Masen. He's so chubby, I love his giant belly.
This is my sweet little princess. Yes, sweet little princess. If I keep telling myself that, maybe it'll come true! No really, she is sweet...I just don't feel that way in moments like this. She got ahold of our (thankfully non-toxic) washable markers and decided she was going to wear lipstick like mommy. She turned out more like the evil version of Ronald McDonald. :)
Logan was getting in touch with his creative side. Kept him busy for a while...always a good thing for my boys.
I was just about to give Masen a bath when I walked in on this! Talk about major weebs! It actually looked bigger in person.
So these are just the pics we have taken lately. Usually what I blog about is what we take pictures of...I know, kinda boring. We're heading to UT this week so I'll be sure to blog about our trip when we get back. It'll be fun to see everyone!