Friday, March 26, 2010

Masen's 1 year pictures

I know I already posted pictures from Masen's first birthday, but these are his official 1 year pictures.  Jen did such a great job again, and I'm having a really hard time deciding which one to frame and put on my wall.  I also need to pick one to have our friend sketch to frame and put up with all my other kids' baby pics sketches. 

This picture below makes him look like such a big boy and not so much a little baby.  I love it.
This one cracks me up, his face looks so funny when he tries to blow raspberries!  He doesn't just use his lips, his whole face gets involved to make it happen.  I just had to include this one. :)
Anyway, he's such a funny little boy, full of personality and excitement.  Just thought I'd post these cute little pics. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Masen turns 1

Really, has a year gone by already???  My sweet little baby boy Masen Todd turned 1 year old on February 16th.  That year FLEW by!  Masen has been a good little baby, and is a lot of fun for both us and the kids.  He's got the same intelligent look in his eyes and a very similar personality that Logan had as a baby, like he knows what's going on around him.  I guess we better hold on tight for the wild ride ahead.  :)  Right now, Masen loves Baby Beethoven/Bach/Motzart, Baby Tad, his "naney" (blankey), hearing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Little Star," playing patty-cake but making Mom clap her hands by grabbing her thumbs and clapping them for her, loves to turn the x-box on and off repeatedly (little pill), loves splashing in the toilet when the older kids forget to close the lid/door (grrr), likes to hear us cheer when he stands on his own, and really likes to be on the trampoline.  He has an intense excitement about many things, and he cries and bangs his face on the floor when someone takes something away from him that he was playing with (it sounds terrible, but it's actually really comical!).

Masen getting ready for his birthday cake.

A few minutes later..... :)

Big yummy bite of cake.

He really ate a lot, considering his size.  He loved feeling the texture of it on his fingers too.

This is his birthday present from Nanny (Bryce's mom).  I love the cute little cowboys on the blanket, it is so cute!!  Masen liked it too!

Here we are getting ready for mother's group.  It can be pretty chilly in the mornings here in AZ, so we put this cute little hat on Masen to keep his ears warm.  You can't see it, but there's a Superman logo on the top of the hat.  I love his smile in this picture.  We love our sweet baby Masen.  He'll always be my baby!