Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Masen's 3 month pictures

This is Masen, three months old. Seriously? Where did the time go? He's not a newborn anymore! We are just loving him to death. Thanks Jen, for taking the pics, I love them! These are some of my favorites.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Missing teeth, smiles, feet, father/sons

Logan is now missing all four front middle teeth at the same time. This picture was taken before the last one came out this past week. So he's got a big hole in the front and talkth like thith. He thought he was hilarious sticking his dimes/nickels in his nose and ears. (Sorry cashier lady at Walmart.) :)

As if his cheeks couldn't look any chubbier, Landon gives us a big cheesy smile and his cheeks double in size! We like to call Landon Caillou, and then he says "I don't have a circle head, I have a square head!" I think it's round. :)

Princess Marlee (or as Marlee would say "not princess Marlee, I princess Ariel!")

He's already got that boyish look of mischief.

Masen is always quick to give us smiles. He likes to look in the mirror and smile & coo at himself too. It's really cute. Masen really likes when we play patty-cake with him. That's when we get him to smile the most, and it almost makes him laugh.

Mr. Monkey Toes.

I took these pictures when Masen was just a few weeks old. I really like this one, just such a good remembrance picture of how little they really are at birth. He has really long toes and an amazing ability to spread his toes apart that puts me and Logan to shame (we can both spread our toes apart pretty far). :)

Bryce took the boys to the Father/Sons outing last weekend. Aside from the hoards of mosquitos (and sleeping in a tent), they all had a pretty good time. Bryce isn't a camping fan, so this was a big sacrifice on his part to create some memories for Logan and Landon. Thanks babe! Landon came home with loads of beer bottle caps and thought he had a treasure. :/ I don't think we'll be hanging on to them for very long. Good times.