Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love you, BYE!

Every time either Bryce or I leave in the car to go anywhere, these three line up on the couch to sign "I love you" then wave "bye bye." If we drive off without signing "love you, bye" back to them, they fall apart and cry forever....."call him, make him come back, I wanted to say love you bye bye....please call him, make him come back!" Needless to say, we don't usually forget to sign and wave. :) We don't want to invoke the belly-achin' on the other spouse stuck at home. :)


Jen said...

how sweet is that! That would almost make me cry!

Eliott said...

That would be nice revenge if mom and dad were ever in a tiff... :) (How evil am I??)

kristivon said...

That is really sweet. You have the cutest family. I love reading your blog. :)