Sunday, December 2, 2007

Performing Polynesian style :)

For those of you who don't know already, I have been polynesian dancing since February. It started out as a Samoan woman (Tia) in my ward teaching a few of us a couple dances to perform for the Relief Society birthday for Enrichment. None of us expected it to be a long term committment. But after the Enrichment, a few more activities came up that we would need to perform for. It has just kept going and going and more and more people are asking us to perform for them. We now know 6 dances as a group (I know 8). I would be embarrassed if everyone knew how much time and thought I put into my polynesian dancing. I haven't been really good at something for a long time---probably since clogging. I don't have any real strong talents (for show anyway), so it's been exciting to find a new talent and to be pretty good at it. I help teach the new girls that join the group, and my instructor has told me that I do all the dances like a real polynesian....that made me feel really good. Last night we performed for the city of Casa Grande. Every year they have an Electric Lights parade with entertainment downtown before the parade starts. We were the finale of the entertainment. Here are some pictures of us dancing:
From the island of Hawaii (I'm in the middle back cuz I'm "tall")
From the island of Samoa
From the island of Tahiti
Another Hawaiian dance (yes, we are wearing skin colored leotard tops) :) I'm so happy to be dancing next to my dear friend Jocey...I love her!
From the Tongan islands

Another Samoan dance (I'm in the middle again)

I really love being in this group, and I love my instructor too. I've made really good friends by being a part of this, it really is so much fun to dance and perform. Plus it's great exercise--we practice twice a week for at least an hour and a half each time. Maybe I'll figure out how to put a video clip on my blog and you can see us in action sometime. I guess that's it. :)


Diane said...

Nettie, that is so awesome! I'm so proud of you. The dances look like so much fun and the costumes are beautiful. I'm very happy for you too...making time for hobbies, increasing your talents, having fun. Way to go! I'd love to see a video. Hopefully you can figure that out for the blog. Love you tons! Miss you tons!

Diane :)

kristivon said...

That is so cool! You look totally natural in the pictures and it's so great that you found something you enjoy and that you're good at! I loved that your friend said that you dance like a real Polynesian, that's awesome! I hope you keep posting about your dancing.

Erin Ross said...

What a fun hobby! I remember when you performed for RS, and you all did so well. I tried to learn but I was too self-conscious. I now wish I hadnt' been. I didn't know you clogged either. I did, too. Had you shared that with me and I've just forgotten? Anyway, I'm so glad that you've found something you love and that makes you feel good. It's so important to have those things.

Brooke said... are probably thinking where in the world did i come from, i found your blog from crystal's. your dance pictures are so good, you are very talented. so what else is up? man, please tell me you remember me....i just started a blog

collette said...

Hey, miss you lots. You look beautiful in your dance costumes. I'm happy for you. It looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to do that but I don't think I would be any good. I'd love to see you in person doing the dances or at least in a video. Have a great Christmas!

Amanda said...

Well hello... It does look like fun, I just couldn't stick with it. :) I'd probably end up breaking my hip, you guys are good! Email me sometime and I can put you on my blog invite list. (I guess you may not even know who I am :)

Amanda said...

Oh, it's

Amanda said...
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