Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years Day

We didn't have plans for New Years Day and Bryce had the day off so we decided to head to Tucson and check out the zoo there. My friend Jen told me they thought it was awesome, and that she liked it better than the Phoenix zoo and it was about half the price. We'd have to agree that it's awesome. The animals are so close up and it's way less of a walk between the animals, unlike Phoenix. The kids liked it a lot too. We'll definitely have to go there again!

Giraffes are so cool.

I found that this is a good spot to boost my confidence about my weight. :)

The polar bear was hiding out forever, most people left without seeing him. Right when we were about to leave his area, he came out to say hi to us. :) He came right up to the window looking for food. It was pretty cool. Isn't that crazy, a polar bear in the desert?!

We thought this tortoise was pretty huge. I wonder how old it is.

Looks like Marlee had a little too much fun. :) Good times.


Arbuckle Family said...

It looks like you had a fun time at the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo since Chicago! My poor kids are so neglected. Oh well. Love ya!

Amanda said...

I love the Tucson Zoo. Smaller can be better!

Erin Ross said...

What a fun idea! I never saw the Tucson Zoo. I'll put that on my list for our next visit!

kristivon said...

What a fun day! And it looks so sunny and bright. How far are you from Tucson?