Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, we got some lab results about Marlee's hair. They tested her protein digestion and it came back abnormal. They said this is why her hair fell out so easily, and also adds to why she's so little (in addition to her heart defect)--I guess the way you digest protein affects growth. So the next step is to see a GI specialist (Gastro Intestinal), and they will tell us what we need to do to fix her digestion problem. We really hope it's not surgery, but if that's what it will take to help her get better, then I guess we better do it. Poor little girl. They couldn't find her veins when we got her lab work done so we've gone twice and have to go back again for MORE. They just dig around in her arm until they find the vein. We have to wait until her bruises are healed up before we can go back, and then they'll do it all over again. She's gonna hate the doctor's office before long. She's got small veins like me. Anyway, so that's the latest. We'll keep you posted on what they will have to do to fix her protein problem. Poor thing.


Jen said...

so sad! at least some of it is growing back though! she is such a cutie! I am sorry you have to watch them poke and dig your baby girl that sucks!!

Amanda said...

I HATE when they have to draw blood from little kids! When Nathan was a baby, they tried in his ankles, wrists, head, and everything. I was balling! I feel so bad for her, she's a tough little girl.

kristivon said...

Poor girl! Keep us posted. She's lucky to have such a strong mommy. :)