Friday, March 26, 2010

Masen's 1 year pictures

I know I already posted pictures from Masen's first birthday, but these are his official 1 year pictures.  Jen did such a great job again, and I'm having a really hard time deciding which one to frame and put on my wall.  I also need to pick one to have our friend sketch to frame and put up with all my other kids' baby pics sketches. 

This picture below makes him look like such a big boy and not so much a little baby.  I love it.
This one cracks me up, his face looks so funny when he tries to blow raspberries!  He doesn't just use his lips, his whole face gets involved to make it happen.  I just had to include this one. :)
Anyway, he's such a funny little boy, full of personality and excitement.  Just thought I'd post these cute little pics. :)


Sharlee said...

Wow. He IS getting so big. I love all the pictures (Jen does a great job) but my favorite, if it were my wall, would be the third one.

Justin and Crystal said...

Oh Nettie, he is so cute!! I just want to squeeze him!!

Cami and Phil said...

That's crazy he's already a year old! Such cte pictures of him!

The Despain Gang said...

LOL, love the last pic, what a cutie!

NamaMcB said...

He is so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Such a cutie!!! I don't have a favorite one, they are all so cute!!