Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marlee's 4th birthday

Marlee had her 4th birthday on June 17th.  She had been counting down the days for over a month, "how many more ni-nights till my birthday Mom?"  She was so excited to finally be 4!  Her birthday was very "princess" themed.  She loved the princess dollies on her strawberry icecream cake.

Little miss, getting ready to open her presents.  She got princess puzzles and games.

Enjoying her cake and dollies....

Nanny McBride made this beautiful Snow White dress for Marlee's birthday, she loved it!

Marlee's best friend Kendis came to celebrate her birthday with us.  They had the best time playing dress-up and watching Tinkerbell movies.  We definitely have a girl in the house!!

I can't believe it's already been four years.  Like I said on facebook, my dolly is growing up! :'(  It's a real treat to be Marlee's mom.  She can be a real firecracker, but most of the time she is funny and sweet.  We love our little girl!  Happy birthday Marlee!

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Diane said...

Marlee reminds me of Tamra in the Snow White costume. :) How cute!!!