Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I love your chubbies!

I love to squeeze Landon's chubby cheeks. I always tell him "I love your chubbies." He says "I love your chubbies too." We had to catch some of the chubby squeezes on camera. Marlee doesn't have chubby anything, so we just let her smile, and Logan just has regular kid chub, but we thought we'd give him a squeeze anyway. :)


kristivon said...

nettie, i'm so glad you have a blog now! perfect! i'm excited to be able to see pictures of your cute kids. these pictures of their "chubbies" are so cute!!

Jen said...

Landon cracks me up! It looks like you morphed his picture! I hope his chubbies never go away (it is good he's not a girl, if he were he wouldn't really appreciate the chubbies when he's older!)

Stephanie said...

Kylie has cheeks that are squeezable. They are so fun to squeeze, although her cheeks are getting red these days. Naw just kidding.