Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby portraits

Recently Bryce created a website for the wife of one of his mission companions who lives in Awhatukee (30 mins from us). The website is for portraits that she sketches of people from pictures that you give her. In return for services, she drew these pictures of our kiddies at 1 year of age (except Marlee, she's 9 months in hers). They are perfect images of the kids, we LOVE them so much, and they are hanging in our livingroom for everyone to see. She charges $250 for each picture, so we feel lucky to have them. They will always be a treasure to us!


Jen said...

those are cute! i can't wait to see them in person, eliott came home after being at your house and told me how awesome they look!

kristivon said...

How neat! That will be a wonderful keepsake to always have.