Friday, November 30, 2007

My dolly :)

We are constantly being told how cute Marlee is (which is true of course). :) This past Sunday in particular we got a lot of comments on her cuteness, probably because of this cute little hand-me-down dress she was wearing. I just had to post it because she really is a doll.
For the longest time Marlee has had these cute curls at the bottom of her hair. I'm posting this more for journal reasons than anything else in case her curls go away. We get lots of comments about her cute curly strawberry blonde hair too. Can you tell I love my dolly? :)


Arbuckle Family said...

Your dolly is absolutely adorable! And I love the curls!

Love you girl!


kristivon said...

She is darling! I'm not surprised that everyone tells you how cute she is. :)I can't wait to meet her one day!