Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

For our family, the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday because "the Easter Bunny likes to keep the Sabbath day holy too!" :) The kids don't even question that, it works so great. So Saturday morning, I decorated the eggs with the kids while the "easter bunny" hid candy filled plastic eggs in the backyard. They were so surprised when we got done coloring eggs and found that the easter bunny had been in the backyard all that time. They had a good time egg hunting. Ahh, the good ol days of being young and having pure excited fun!

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sharlee said...

Looks like fun! Your grass is nice and green. Ours was brown for Easter but we were just glad it wasn't white with snow like it was this morning. Where'd you get your big fancy swing set? That's what I wish the Easter Bunny would have brought me so that my kids wouldn't have to go to the neighbor's yard to have a good time. That's where all the toys are.