Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Personality Pizza

So Logan had his first school project from his CE (curriculum enrichment) class. He had to create a personality pizza, using all sorts of different kinds of materials. Then he had to write a poem, describing how the different parts of the pizza are similar to his personality. Thanks to Nanny, we had some cool supplies to use to make it. I helped him of course, but he did a lot of the work. This is a project for older kids, since generally kids don't start in the CE program until 2nd grade, so he needed more help than older kids would need, but he did a good job. Here's how it turned out.

Here's his poem:

A Slice of My Life
I am a half ‘n half pizza, normal on one side, but I have a really silly side too!
I am the crust because my skin turns brown in the summertime when it’s hot out in the sun.
I am the sauce, feisty and spicy.
I am the cheese, at times I “melt”-down when my temper gets hot.
I am the peppers, adding zip to the people around me.
I am the olives and mushrooms, I might seem a little different at first, but people like me when they give me a chance.
I am the pepperoni, making life fun.
On my silly side, I am the pine nuts, acting “nutty” for a good part of each day.
I am the firecrackers, bursting with energy.
I am the silly eyes, making funny faces to make people laugh.
I am the glitter and shiny cheese, sparkling and wanting to be seen.
I am the pizza, I AM ME!

(thanks for the supplies Nanny!!)


sharlee said...

THAT is about the cutest thing I ever saw (or heard). Jeepers, you guys are creative! Good job, Logan.

Corie said...

Cool poem! As an English teacher I think the stuff kids come up with in poems like these is great!