Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Book of Mormon Stories

One of our favorite things to see is Logan reading Book of Mormon stories to Landon and Marlee. He only needs help with a few words, but he does a great job. They do this together every night for family scripture study. We sit nearby to help explain whats going on, but Logan reads for the family. It's fun when they actually remember the Book of Mormon characters and what their stories are.

Off the subject, but just FYI.....Marlee had her second Echocardiogram today. The hole in her heart looks the same, and the right side of her heart is still enlarged. The left side is supposed to be bigger than the right, but in her heart, the right is about twice the size as the left. The good news though is that the left side is supposed to be shaped like a donut, which hers is. If the right gets so big that it forces the left to shape into a "D" shape, then we'll have to act sooner about it. But so far so good. She'll meet with the cardiologist in one month and he'll discuss the Echo with us further (the lady who did the Echo told me this info today). But everything is about the same as what we knew before, no better, but no worse either that I know of. We'll keep you posted!


Erin Ross said...

I am always so impressed by you and your kids. You have family scripture study with all your kids every night?!! That's the stuff that my dreams are made of.

I'm so glad that things with Marlee seem to be okay. I think and pray for you often.

Jen said...

I still can't believe logan can read that! Go Logan!