Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Landon's birthday

Landon's birthday was August 14th, and he wanted to have a Superman cake. He also LOVES Toy Story, so he got Woody and Jessie. He was SO excited to go to McDonald's AND Peter Piper Pizza (we did PPP for Logan's birthday and spent way too much for yucky pizza that no one wanted to eat, so we ate at McDonalds and played at PPP--MUCH cheaper). So his b-day had a "variety" theme. :) He tells everyone we see that he's "thaweeeeee" now, and holds up his three fingers. He's so cute, we love our Lanny.

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Jen said...

Very fun indeed! he looks like he is having fun. and if you made that cake you rock! did you do the superman part? you are amazing!