Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Elmo and Grandma Bates

This picture was taken when I was home in Nyssa, OR for my 10 year reunion in July. Marlee is cuddling with Grandma Bates (Marlee has Gma Bates' name, Rebecca, for her middle name). Marlee also loves Elmo. In fact, "Elmo" has been one of her newest words, along with "baby," "hot," "up," "bye-bye," "no-no," "mama," and "dada." (Not to mention the 12 other words she can sign, little smarty).


Jen said...

well she has to be a little smarty w/ your smart boys around! good for her!!

Stephanie said...

Good ole Elmo. He is a comfort to all children. Besides Oscar the Grouch. Ha ha ha Just kidding.